Sophia Sommers

July 31, 2008

Post #2433 – 20080731

Hi, Daniel –

Even though I am 10 years old and can read to myself just fine, my Dad still reads to me at bedtime. This is our custom. We really need to keep finding books that both of us enjoy.

We really loved “The Neddiad”, as well as the all of the stories in “Four by Daniel Pinkwater.”

Can you recommend a couple more of your personal favorites from the rest of your works. Thank you,

Sophia Sommers

Daniel replies:

I like being read to, and I also like reading aloud. All my books are written for the ear. In fact, my wife often reads parts of my books to me, (also parts of hers), while I am writing them. So, if you like what you've read so far, you may like the rest--you read 4 FANTASTIC NOVELS--there is another like that called 5 NOVELS, and there is LIZARD MUSIC, and a lot of other stuff. You have one of the better sort of fathers.