Bryan Gonzalez

April 26, 2008

Post #2398 – 20080426

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

About the three wempires who appear in The Wempire are they supposed to be related to the boy (like three crazy uncles) or are they truly supposed to be wempires. If they were friends or relatives of the parents I guess he would recognize them but if they were truly wempires wouldn’t the mother be even slightly scared? I’ve read the book severel times (excellent) but I always pause when those three show up. Keep up the good work!

Daniel replies:

Yours is an interesting reading of the book. Thing is, how you read it is more important than how I wrote it, (or read it). That is the thing about fiction. You can't have it in movies or TV because mostly the people who make those things want the most possible satisfied customers--and most people want stories to feel familiar and comfortable--in the same way that a hamburger at McDonald's in San Francisco tastes just the same as a hamburger at McDonald's in Cleveland, or anyplace else. Some book publishers want authors to make books the same way as McDonald's makes hamburgers--they feel they can sell more that way. But is it still possible to write a book that causes a reader like you to think, to wonder, and to make his/her own decision about what things in the book may mean. In other words, you are reading the book just the way I hoped you would. Congratulations. You are a good reader.