April 20, 2008

Post #2396 – 20080420

Having been raised on the gospel of Pinkwater, I think it is about time I showed a lil’ written gratitude to the word-cook himself…so here ya are…I have just had my 26th birthday and am as big of a fan as I was when I was 6…I am currently finding most of my work as a sign painter, but in reality I do a wide variety of things to keep my belly full.

Having been blessed with parents, not only cunning enough to discover your books, but wise enough to make them a steady part of my literary diet, I feel obligated to share the knowledge of your existence every chance I get. Eat Pudding.

These same extremely cool, dog loving parents also, fortunately for me, have encouraged all of my artistic endeavors, which has made my life a whole lot less than answering to clocks and chasing a bagged lunch…so I would like to offer my drawing and painting abilities for collaboration anytime. I dont have a traditional portfolio(just hasnt been my schedule yet), but I’d be more than happy to send a selection of things I’ve done over the years and see if any of it grabs you in a workable way.

At this point money is not a huge concern(despite my lack of)for me because I am so motivated by the possibility of the experience. If you have a noodle of interest in seeing a couple of things, just send word and I will joyfully put something together.

I would like to end by saying ‘The Neddiad’ is magic and I cant wait for the upcoming…

Thanks for succumbing to the words and sharing them with us.


Daniel replies:

You seem a happy person. Since you seem to be seeking a work connection, you would have to show your stuff to my agent, and if she deemed it suitable for me to see, then I would see.