Maggid Jhos Singer

April 2, 2008

Post #2386 – 20080402

Comrade Pinkwaters–

So much thanks you for great literature writing! Ooh, sorry, I was abducted by my eastern European alter ego there for a moment, shake it off… So, my two 10 year old sons and I are thinking about going on a Pinkwater inspired adventure. We have heard that there are many bizarro and excellent eateries just off the New Jersey turnpike, and thought we might throw all gastronomic caution to the wind, in the style of our heros Walter Galt and Winston Bongo, and fly across country to sample these delights. Can you give us any recommendations? White Manna burgers sounded particularly Haimish McTavishy…. Thanks for the years of inspiration and salavation–Jhos, (and Michael and Gabe) Singer PS-Phooey on Chez Panisse!

Daniel replies:

Do not confuse literature-making with foolhardiness. I have always avoided the New Jersey Turnpike, whenever possible, and in general have been extremely cautious about venturing into the interior of NJ. You're lots closer to Route 66, (read The Neddiad), which in addition to being closer has the immense advantage of not being in New Jersey.