March 27, 2008

Post #2379 – 20080327

A long time ago I ate lunch at the (real life) Magic Moscow for many years. More recently I’ve been working in midtown Manhattan. I once saw a guy selling ice cream from a truck who was wearing an $80,000 watch, and not a counterfeit one either. I got to know the ice cream truck guys a little bit and a lot of it is about fighting for their corner space and warding off competitors. I never found out anything that would explain the watch.

That was a few years ago. Given the trend in fine jewelry prices the watch would be worth even more now.

Daniel replies:

My watch is solar-powered, waterproof, shockproof, receives a nightly radio signal from the Atomic Clock in Boulder, Colorado, so it is accurate to within a ten-thousandth of a second, has a little light in it, has a calendar that shows day, date and year, and adjusts for leap years, also a stopwatch, and it cost $35. With the $79,965 I saved, I bought an enormous quantity of ice cream.