March 23, 2008

Post #2378 – 20080323

I am writing to inform my childhood hero that I am now in Madison, Wisconsin studying astrophysics and send my kindest regards from the land of snow and cheese. I would like to to offer to treat Mr. Pinkwater and Jill to the dairy product of their choice should they ever happen to pass through the area.

Best always,

-M. Wojtaszek

Daniel replies:

Mmmm. Snow and cheese--an unbeatable combination. I fondly remember the cheese-cones at the county fair. And a melted snow on rye is always a treat. I, myself, once visited Madison, Wisconsin, and took note of a large university, which I suppose is still there. The people were kind to me, and dairy products were offered in abundance. It was about that time I saw that it would be my destiny to be a childhood hero. Naturally, I am proud of you.