howard cowan

March 3, 2008

Post #2371 – 20080303

Dear Rosenwasser:

I humbly apologize if I offended you by mentioning that diminutive sf writer with the high I.Q., but the expression “you people” should probably be retired until it comes from the mouth (or other orifice) of an extra-terrestrial, robot, or genetically modified Earth animal.

I am especially grateful to you since I met my wife in 1983 partly because she had volunteered to read *Lizard Music* to the children in my class. Of course, I immediately fell in love with her weird taste, and for several nights tried in vain to tune my old tv between stations in the hope of catching some Reynolds playing reptilian rock.

Did you,in fact, visit Los Angeles in the fifties, as suggested by The Neddiad? It reminded me of my elementary school years in Beverly Hills with the children of actors.

Best Wishes,

Howard Cowan

Daniel replies:

In some kind of mix-up the esteemed webmaster reversed the replies attached to your post and the one in immediate propinquity. I simply meant to indicate in an offhand way that Mr. E's fans and adherents dote upon him, love him, think about him constantly, revere and admire his literary works, espouse his philosophy, and are wild-eyed, unrestrained in their enthusiasm, and rightly so. But torchlight parades, drums, jazz bands frenzied speeches and pyrotechnics should be taken to the websites, dedicated to the purpose, and possibly provided by the College of Miracles. This one is for quiet contemplation and scholarly exchange, capishe? And how do you know that I am not an extra-terrestrial, robot, or genetically modified Earth animal?