Howard Cowan

February 26, 2008

Post #2369 – 20080226

Dear Daniel:

I am a retiring (but not shy) physics and chem lab teacher to small wombats, grandson of a Romanian-Jew bookbinder,

husband to the Queen Seraphim of Library Goddesses, servant to two furry canines from the pound, and your humble, etc.. . .

In the faint chance that you haven’t seen it yet, “The Rabbi’s Cat” (a graphic novel) is worthy of your attention.

In a less ambitious vein, try an episode of “The Secret Show” on Cartoon Network–especially the “frame” program–“The Fluffy Bunny Show.” Seriously giggleworthy.

Good to hear from Harlan. He needs to write the screenplay to “Childhood’s End” by Arthur C. Clarke, and Ridley Scott needs to direct.

Howard Cowan

Daniel replies:

You people have your own website, do you not?