Barney Dannelke

February 26, 2008

Post #2370 – 20080226

Mr. Pinkwater,

I’m sending this on to you. It’s a fragment from a much longer post of mine posted over on Harlan’s board (The Art Deco Dining Pavilion) on Tuesday morning. I have not included the full post because it contains many meta-fictions and R rated in-jokes not appropriate to some of the folks who might post here. The Pinkwater-centric section is as follows;

… But what I forgot to tell Harlan while on the phone with him was that I snagged that Pinkwater exchange from a few days back and I’m wondering if careful readers (nany thanks to a friend for pointing this out to me – said friend has wisely fled this country – and then two others) that Mr. D.M. Pinkwasserschlosser has **CUT** our beloved hero in his response with the surgical placement of a hyphen. This is JUST the sort of sneaky thing one might expect from the man behind the HOBOKEN CHICKEN CONSPIRACY, the sort of horror the creator of I WAS A 2ND GRADE WEREWOLF might inflict. But since I’m a “big” fan of LIZARD MUSIC and FAT MEN FROM OUTER SPACE and BLUE MOOSE and others, I’m just going to stand back and admire this clash of titans from afar. A WAY FAR OVER HERE.

Good Morning.

– Barney Dannelke

Daniel replies:

Another one! What are we, Harlan's other mailbox?