K.C. Poulos

January 7, 2008

Post #2349 – 20080107

Hi Mr. Pinkwater! I wrote last August telling you that our Mother-Daughter book club had picked “The Neddiad” for our January meeting. Well, we (about 20 of us) read it and loved it! Other family members would overhear us reading it out loud and come in to listen and then wanted to read it themselves. Our favorite line was “The The Tar Tar Pits”!

The girls (7 and 8-year-olds) had some questions: Did you have a nickname when you were little? Where did you get the idea of Eloise – did you have a sister like that? How did you think up all those funny names and where did you get the idea of the book? Finally, we’re just curious if anyone has bought the rights to the book because it would make a wonderful movie. We think Jim Carey would make an excellent Billy.

Thanks again for an excellent read and we look forward to discovering more of your books.

K.C. Poulos and the Oak Park Mother-Daughter Book Club

Daniel replies:

""The Yggyssey"" is coming next!