Matt Arnold

January 4, 2008

Post #2348 – 20080104

I must say Mr. Pinkwater that I have only read one of your books, but that the one I read,Young Adults, is out standing. In fact it is so good that it has been drifting around our town, passed hand to hand, for months now. Is there any possibility that we shall ever here from the Wild Dada Ducks again?

Daniel replies:

The Young Adult Saga: Originally published as ""Young Adult Novel;"" then with additional material, as ""Young Adults,"" in both a trade and mass market paperback edition; the original Young Adult Novel is published as part of ""5 Novels,"" and there are various Kevin Shaprio fan-fiction websites. Vaguely comparable to Young Adults is ""The Education of Robert Nifikn,"" and....the one I am writing right now, (no title yet).