Joan Ragland

December 5, 2007

Post #2335 – 20071205

Looking for Christmas help…my grandson is 11 and you are his favorite author. He has several of your books, and I would like to find out which other ones are appropriate for his age. He has: Uncle Boris and the Yukon, 5 Novels, 4 Fantastic Novels.

I don’t want to offend him by getting books that are too young. I think that perhaps “The Education of Robert Nifkin” is a good one for him. Do you concur? Are there others for his age? Thank you so much….we all look forward to your visits with Scott Simon on Saturday mornings!!

Daniel replies:

Looking for Bobowicz, The Artsy Smartsy Club, The Neddiad. The Education of Robert Nifkin has a little bit of ""language,"" but if that is not an objection, ok too.