Gabriel Woon

October 13, 2007

Post #2305 – 20071013

Dear Mr. Pinkwater, My family listened to your book, “The Neddiad” on a recent trip from Indiana to Atlanta, GA, and it make the 8 hour drive fly by. Not only was the whole family ( ages 10 to 45) amused and enthralled by the tale we particularly liked having it read by you, with your dry humor and snappy dialog. It may have replaced “The Blue Moose” as our favorite. Please pass on to Jill that I loved “Mr Fred” and I am very glad that there is someone in the universe that likes 6th graders. Best Regards, Gabriel WoonKMWGA

Daniel replies:

Thank you! I am smiling. I hope you like THE YGGYSSEY, which I just handed in to the publisher. (Won't be out in book, or CD, form for about a year, but keep checking this site for possible sneak previews).