Stuart Scofield

October 9, 2007

Post #2303 – 20071009

First, I am a big fan. Next, I recorded (probably illegally) your series “The Making of an Artist” from NPR in or around 1987. I have played it for hundreds of my students (probably illegally) around a campfire at 10,100′ in the White Mountains of California-Nevada. The problem is that I am missing chapter 6 (of 7). Is there any place on the planet where there is a recording (or even a transcript) of that series. I have tried NPR unsuccessfully. It is a masterpiece! It is essential to my teaching! I need that chapter! Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Daniel replies:

I think the whole series is in Hoboken Fish and Chicago Whistle, (or Chicago Fish and Hoboken Whistle..I can never remember), the combination of Fishwhistle, and Chicago Days, Hoboken Nights, available from Xlibris. Maybe you would like to compensate for your illegal recording by sending a copy to Webmaster Ed for possible presentation in a podcast we contemplate on this site. Thanks for your kind words.