Kevin McKouen

September 16, 2007

Post #2292 – 20070916

Mr. Pinkwater,

I am sooo excited that I found a way to send you a message. I just want to say that “The Big Orange Splot” is an inspirational book. I believe it (along with many other things) was part of what helped me devlope into a dreamer.

Anyway, I named my new photography/art gallery “The Orange Splot Gallery”. Today was my first official day open, and I have 100 copies of “The Big Orange Splot” ready to sell (as th inspiration for my store name).

I hope you are touched by this sentiment, or at least not angry..

Also, I think a really cool shirt design would be a wrap around illustration of all the dream houses on the street. I’d love to sell something like that in my gallery as well. Who could I talk to for the rights on such a shirt?

Thanks again for writing one of the best (if not THE best) children’s books ever.


Kevin (age:32)

Daniel replies:

I love it when people find ways to integrate stuff I have done into stuff they have done/are doing. You could confer with the highly knowledgeable webmaster about the t-shirt -- and as far as I am concerned you are welcome. Best possible or even impossibly better luck with your gallery!