Jessi P

September 14, 2007

Post #2290 – 20070914

I just read The Neddiad and loved it, as well as re-reading some of your older stuff. I passed Chicago Days , Hoboken Nights on to my mother, who grew up in Chicago in the 50’s and appreciated the setting. My siblings and I have loved your books for some time now, we won’t be specific to save us all the embarassment of accuracy, and two out of three of us have grown up to be librarians, which might be a coincidence, but I blame you and those lizards and the moose and that errant chicken, not to mention the avocado of death. What I would really like to know is – could the moose have some continued adventures? I loved him so and was pleased beyond belief when the books got reissued and I could pass them on to my nieces and nephews. Perhaps he could try making Manhattan clam chowder or travel to France and make bouillabase, or vichychoisse. Really, I think that blue moose is capable of anything!!

Daniel replies:

I just got word that the publisher is putting that moose re-issue out of print already, presumably to make room for the more wonderful books that are coming out in such profusion. So grab a few before it is extinct. The Blue Moose was an opera, did you know?