Teddy Brewer

September 12, 2007

Post #2291 – 20070912

I am five and a half and when we read, mostly I am Roy, and the Bunny, but sometimes I am Mr. Goldberg. My mom is Muktuk and my dad is Irving. They eat blueberry muffins, but I eat the codfish.

I love the Larry and Irving and Muktuk books. My mom and dad say that Bear #1 and Bear #3 in the Larry books are Irving and Muktuk. I say they are not because if they were Irving and Muktuk you would call them that. However, I cannot answer the question they ask “who is Bear #2?”

Can you tell me the answer?

Daniel replies:

Of course, I know the answer to this, and so many other questions. But is it right for me to tell? Some think that Bear #1 and Bear #3 _are_ Irving and Muktuk...known to the zoo by bear numbers. And some think that Bear #2 is Roy. Same deal. I am not saying yes, and I am not saying no. An author has the responsibility not to mix in with the critics. (However, here's a hint, useful for dealing with all polar bears: look at the eyes).