Jacque Cusick

September 8, 2007

Post #2287 – 20070908

As a retired 2nd grade teacher (and about to be retired instructor os Fiber Arts at WNMU), I listen with relish to your interviews and story telling with Scott Simon on NPR.

I have a concern. My 6 year old niece refuses to eat almost anything but sweet things. We won’t go to reasons this happened, but she is protein deficcient and very resistant to change. Do you have a book, or story that addresses an issue like this. She won’t last as a ballerina (her dream) and as you know will face multiple problems in the future. She is an avid reader. Maybe you have a book for her wake-up call.

Thanks and keep on writing.


Daniel replies:

Sorry. So happens such a book is under discussion, between Jill and me, but doesn't exist yet. Of course, I know nothing about human children, and extrapolate from my experience with dogs and cats--but I know how I would approach such a problem.