August 25, 2007

Post #2283 – 20070825

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

I need to thank you at least twice.

First, your stories on NPR had me laughing through several awful, bumper-to-bumper commutes. Thank you (belatedly).

Second, I am thrilled to report that–just today–a nine-year old boy I am crazy about (the same one who hasn’t been terribly crazy about reading books) belly-laughed his way through “Fat Men from Space” and is begging for more.

Thank you in advance for the joy the next Pinkwater book will bring (soon) to this family.

Colleen (Andrew’s very happy mother)

Daniel replies:

I can't honestly claim to have any socially-positive motives in writing books for kids. I just happen to think they are a worthy readership, and I like to think I write worthy books that deserve worthy readers. Of course, I do like it when some kid likes a book of mine enough to overcome an understandable mistrust and distaste for reading in general.