August 2, 2007

Post #2272 – 20070802

Hey Mr. Pinkwater! I went to the library the other day and two of your books were getting discarded. I bought them (Wingman and the moose one). If I send you one, will you sign it? Should I include a big envelope with sufficient postage? I saw you speak at the book expo a couple of months ago. Was that boring or exciting for you?

Daniel replies:

Yes, sure. Webmaster Ed will be in touch with where to send the book, and the pre-paid, self-addressed return mailer. Did you pay $39 dollars for your seat at that breakfast, and the semi-defrosted, semi-stale mini-bagel and coffee? I did not have to pay, because I was one of the speakers. I found the breakfast boring and annoying. I had to get up before the birds to make it into New York on time, and then I had to listen to those other authors who took themselves so seriously, and spoke for about a half hour apiece. How did you like my speech, which lasted 8 minutes? (I timed it). I could have made it shorter, but by the time I got up to speak, I was mad.