Bruce Dreyfuss. MD

August 1, 2007

Post #2271 – 20070801

Dear Mr.Pinkwater,

You do not need to have a sandwich named after you to achieve some degree om immortality. You already have it with me as I bake a bread which I call Pinkwater Bread. A number of years ago you did a piece on your Aunt Sadie’s mashed potatoes. My, or rather your, bread is loosely based upon her recipe. So no need to go down to St.Leon’s, sit back and feel tomorrow today.

Bruce J.Dreyfuss, M.D.

Daniel replies:

My aunt Sadie's mashed potatoes? My aunt Sadie, like all the women on that side of the family, was forced to emigrate--from England yet!--because of their substandard cooking! I do recall doing a piece about mashed potatoes I used to enjoy at an Italian restaurant run by Syrians. I'll bet your bread is yummy.