Marlene Newman

July 4, 2007

Post #2249 – 20070704

I was so pleased to meet you and speak with you at the Book Expo. I showed you my book and told you how your book Ducks had influenced me as I wrote about Myron. You did ask me to have my editor send you a review copy. I called her the very next day to make this request and hope that she followed through.

Today I am writing about another book of yours and another as yet unpublished book of mine. I sat alone in my house as I read The Neddiad and laughed out loud which is a very strange feeling. It’s another wonderful book.

We are 11 years apart, I was born December 3, 1930. My rememberances of World War II is quite different from yours. My story is set during 1945, the last year of the war. It moves from the Bronx to Middletown, NY and happens to involve a travelling circus. The Neddiad has a circus, too. While researching to find if any circuses performed around Middletown during that time, I actually found 551,000 hits on Google for the Al G.Barnes circus.

There just seemed to be too much and too many common threads for me not to write to you.

Thank you for the time you spent talking with me and thank you for all your wonderful stories.

Marlene Newman

Daniel replies:

Yes, I did receive a copy of your book. It's really nice! I'd be inclined to write about it, which is not the same thing as saying I'll have that opportunity. Thanks for your kind words about The Neddiad.