liam hennessy

July 3, 2007

Post #2248 – 20070703

I work for one of those creepy government agencies that have three letters instead of a name, and in the course of this employment have been sent to places from Alaska to Zaire. I’ve left copies of your ‘Five Novels’ and “Four Fantastic Novels” in as many of these places as possible. So if you start getting fan mail from madrassas near the Khyber Pass or the lost tribes of Israel in the West African rainforests it may be because of my littering problem. I regret to say I’ve never been to South America, but maybe one of your other readers will spread the word around there. In a thousand years the minarets and public address systems, and madmen will be shouting Snarkouts and Dadaist orisons around the world.

Daniel replies:

My friend and colleague Scott Simon found a copy of 5 Novels in a rental library in Kabul. The proprietor said it was popular. Scott did the right thing, and bought it to prevent further harm. You don't say if your practice of polluting other cultures with copies of my books is a project of your own or ""company policy."" Shame on you.