Peter Kennedy

July 2, 2007

Post #2245 – 20070702


Your NPR used to identify you as someone who writes from New York’s Hudson Valley region. Now they identify you as someone who writes from Upstate New York. Did you move? Or were you uncomfortable giving away such specific personal information (for fear that the papparazi would find you hiding in your barn in Nyack)? Just a heads up, that real Upstaters (I lived there as a guest between 1972-77) take the Upstate designation very seriously. Albany is kind of iffy, for example. Upstate is really points north and west of Albany. Thank you. I raised my kids on the Big Orange Splot, Blue Moose, and other favorites. Peter Kennedy, Glastonbury, CT

Daniel replies:

NPR's studios and offices are in Washington, DC, and the voices you hear announcing things belong to people who live in the city and immediate area. Need I explain further?