Ryan Duncan

May 21, 2007

Post #2238 – 20070521

Dear mr. Pinkwater,

I can no longer call you my favorite author. I am sorry! The reason being………………….

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHHa got you. I acually feel the exact oppisite. After reading your Larry the polar bear seires I like you now more than ever. Even I know you have written a long time ago. It still seems brand new. Well acually it is brand new. To me at least. But so far after all the books I’ve read by you, I gonna have to say “The Snark out boys and the baconburg horror” is my favorite. Well anyway do you think it is possible that you may right another in the “Larry the Polor Bear” seires. I would really like to know. Well that is it for now. BYE!!!!!


Ryan Duncan

Daniel replies:

Let me see...

Young Larry

At the Hotel Larry

Bongo Larry

Ice Cream Larry

Dancing Larry

Sleepover Larry

and related...

Irving and Muktuk, Two Bad Bears

Bad Bears in the Big City

Bad Bears and a Bunny

Bad Bear Detectives

Bad Bears Make a Visit

That's a lot of polar bears. We're going to do something else for a while.