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May 22, 2007

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How did you make up the names of the characters?

Where did you get the idea to write about giant chickens?

In the book Looking For Bobowicz, did you get some of the names/characters from places like Pennsylvania? If not, then where did you get them?

Is this book based on your life or a friends?

How did you come up with the names in “Looking For Bobowicz”?

Where did you get the bidea for the book “Looking For Bobwicz”?

Why did you name the libarian Starr Lackawanna

I would love to use this book on a book report!

Did you like reading when you were a child?If so, did it help you become a fantastic writer?

Do you think star lackawanna is the craziest person in the book?

Dear Mr.Pinkwater

My class just got done reading Looking For Bobowicz.My teacher and I like how you used the hipirbolyis for hummer. My classmates and I thought that the book was FUNNY!!!I would really like to know what your thoghts were about the book.

Your Fan,Kenzie

Daniel replies:

All real names--I didn't make them up so much as find them.

I think it came about because so few people seem to know that giant chickens are real.

Places like Pennsylvania in what way?


Didn't someone already ask this one?

It's a true story, more or less.

Because that is her name!

Are you sure?

I loved reading. Writing is even more fun.

No, I am the craziest person in the book.