April 21, 2007

Post #2219 – 20070421

I just have to take issue with your comment on the program about obesity that if Leno were to make jokes about gay people, he would be gone. You must not have been listening carefully to his monologues, because I can confidently state that he makes gay jokes several times each week, has been for years, and he’s still there. So, fat people are NOT the last remaining group that it’s acceptable to criticize and make fun of. Both gay and fat people have had to develop a thick skin because of the constant barrages we get from all sides. And if we don’t like Leno, we shouldn’t watch him.

Daniel replies:

Quite right, he does make gay jokes, and black jokes, but they are usually inoffensive if not affectionate. His standard fat joke is usually a little mean-spirited, a shouted, ""how fat are we [Americans]?"" or ""how fat-assed are we?"" The implication being that people are fat because they lack the moral strength to be something else. If his standard gay joke were on the lines of ""those gays--they choose to be gay, and it is discreditable,"" I submit you and a lot of other people would be (more) offended, and he would have to answer for what he said. I do like Jay Leno, and I am not particularly offended by (funny) jokes about those groups to which I belong. I was just making a fairly trivial point, which naturally was left in by the editors of that mostly trivial documentary. I did like the fat chicks dance class, and the shots of my dog.