April 17, 2007

Post #2217 – 20070417

I won’t suck up to a younger author, but I will give credit where it is due. Pinkwater was toying with magic realism and paradoxism before Garcia Marquez or Margaret Atwood, And he introduced them in literature for children. How appropriate and just. He has written about racial and cultural strife in a common sense way, and does not dumb down complex issues. On a superficial note, he introduced the skin cut and snappy specs look to men about twenty years before it caught on with every second American male in this country. It still looks better on Mr. Pinkwater. I think if I could convince him somehow to stick his stale muffins and avocados in the fridge for a while he could write the next classic since Huck FInn, but that’s up to him.

Daniel replies:

Yeh, yeh, another literate type heard from.