Carlos, Jane, and Tasha R

April 12, 2007

Post #2206 – 20070412

We were watching a program on PBS about overweight people, of which we are two (or possibly three) and were quite taken with Lulu. We have a beautiful Siberian, Tasha, who is our 4-legged daughter. We were speculating whether Lulu is a Siberian or a Malamute. No matter, she is absolutely beautiful, regardless of what breed she is. You must be very proud. And if she is as spoiled as our baby; well, God help you! Anyway, thank you for being on that program and sharing your experience with the subject matter and sharing your beautiful pup with us all. Thanx…..

Daniel replies:

I thought it was going to be a program about fat people and their dogs, or I would never have agreed to participate. Lulu is an Inuit sled dog. Inuit sled dogs are not suitable pets for the inexperienced. She came from Baffin Island in arctic Canada, (on board her mother), and walking her when there are people in the park is like walking Marilyn Monroe. You can read about Lulu in a book called Uncle Boris in the Yukon and Other Shaggy Dog Stories, and you can see her picture on the cover of a book called Superpuppy.