Bunnie Watson

April 13, 2007

Post #2210 – 20070413

Thank you for your wise comments on the PBS special, “Fat: What No One is Telling You.” I was nodding and shouting “Amen” when you noted that Jay Leno disses fat people every evening on the “Tonight Show.” I won’t watch his monologue anymore for that reason. I’m glad you said it out loud, for all of us who are built for comfort and not for speed.

Daniel replies:

I watch Jay Leno's monologue, (but not the rest of the show), because he has good jokes sometimes. The whole question of fat is trivial. I would like it known that I declined to participate in that documentary several times, but was assured it was not going to be the usual serious-concerned-useless advertisment for the large industry that rips off and disappoints fat people after scaring them and causing them to be uncomfortable. Still, I agreed to appear only if I was paid money. I'm glad they showed me walking. Walking is good. Also my dog is pretty.