Sybil Sanderson Fagan

April 5, 2007

Post #2200 – 20070405

Dear Sir,

I remember in your Fish Whistle radio story compilation that you spoke of the film critic (and your pal) Ken Kelman. I had lunch with him at a taco truck in the Bronx back in the day, and we knew each other through the film co-op and other film things. Outside of your book, very little is said of him online and that’s sad, as he is a crucial guy in relation to 60’s American Underground cinema theory, doubtless up there with Christian Metz and the rest of the bunch. Wonder if you keep in touch with him. Very cool guy.

Also, your Moose opera is long overdue and I will buy tickets and fly out and so forth. You may not have heard of a crazy instrument that’s easy to play and compose songs on–Daniel Lanois uses it on everything he produces–it’s called the Suzuki Autochord. Hope you buy one and make a 10 track Pink Album, from Big Pink. All the Best, Sybil Sanderson Fagon.

Daniel replies:

Just spoke with Kelman by phone today. We talked about our mutual, and weird as either of us, friend, the late Maestro Rohan Joseph. New York in the 60s was considerable fun.