Jessica Gee

April 3, 2007

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Well, Mr. Pinkwater.

My name is Jessica I come from a small town in Michigan. And I write you this letter to thank you for the wonderful bit of chinwag theater I got to hear one summers day many years ago. It was a snippet of you reading Borgel and because of that snippet I fell in love with books again. Long before I had heard of you I used to read Beverely cleary books until one day,I do believe I was in 2-3rd grade at time, the librarian and my teacher made me get a childs book called “Good night moon” after reading that I decided to no longer read if they weren’t going to let me enjoy it. Well, when I heard of your books I was living with my father in Grand rapids he was the one who was the avid listener hee hee. He adores letters from authors that are so wonderful, maybe you should send him one. I can give you his address hee hee. Well, After that my father bought 4 fantastic novels he read all the stories but his favorite was borgel. While I read it and regained a love for humor. In there my favorite has to be Yobgorgle because you know lake Ontario is up my alley lol.

I really feel though that I owe you such a debt and well since no ever visits Michigan unless they have to maybe some day you’ll visit and meet my father by chance I would also be honored to meet you and get to thank you in person.

Well, I would like to thank you for reading my letter and my thoughts.

Your’s truly,


Ps. good luck with messing up those librarians out there.

Daniel replies:

Finally! Someone who doesn't go along with the widely-held and, to me, inexplicable notion that Goodnight Moon is some kind of supreme masterpiece of children's literature! Your father sounds cool. Tell him I said hello. I have been to Michigan at least three times, and I enjoyed it. Not all librarians are bad--in fact, I think the good ones are up to more than 50% by now.