Larry Tuxbury

March 27, 2007

Post #2195 – 20070327

The folks at the Internet Movie Database ( think that you–in an uncredited role–narrated the Jean Shepherd film, “A Christmas Story.” I had always assumed it was Jean Shepherd, himself. Where do you stand on this issue?

Daniel replies:

Yes, sure, of course, it was Shepherd himself. I don't even sound much like him--similar regional accent and pitch maybe. No doubt the people who compiled that database had at best a foggy recollection of what Shepherd sounded like on radio, but had heard me. Shepherd was, or thought he was, often ripped off. He claimed that the Jason Robards character in A Thousand Clowns was him, and the filmmakers had stolen his life. (Why anyone would identify himself as similar to the character, charmingly played by Robards, but a selfish, immature, annoying pain-in-the-neck, is beyond me). Also there was a TV series that bore certain similarities to A Christmas Story with no credit to Shep. There's a certain consistency in the IMDB people getting it wrong.