Martha J. Toomey

March 26, 2007

Post #2194 – 20070326

Good morning! Yes, I am John’s daughter and have sent an old-fashioned letter in the mail for you. He approved of mail, of stamps in general. And when asking a favor one uses the USPS –

PS Does Lulu run away? Our huskies have tried to get to Alaska twice. I think it was her book that inspired them…………

Martha Toomey

Daniel replies:

John Toomey is or was a genuine gentleman, and much superior in every way to most college professors. I gave him a hard time, because of what I am or was, but liked and respected him very much. Huskies run away. It's their thing. Malamutes run away less. God knows what Inuit dogs like Lulu do. Lulu ran away once to show she could do it. We drove around the neighborhood with the windows open listening for the barking of jealous dogs contained behind fences. School was not out yet, or we would have asked kids if they'd seen her, (kids are more apt to notice dogs than adults). We finally heard happy barking. Lulu had dragged the very responsible Labrador, Maxine 1, along with her. (Maxine would never run away on her own, but if Lulu was going, she was going along to look after her). They were visiting a new dog friend on another property, and came galloping to the car when we called. Lulu was elated, and Maxine was relieved. Huskies are also great tunnelers. Good luck with your choice.