March 12, 2007

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Hey there Mr. DP!

So today our school began ISATS. Yes, fun standardized tests! Anyway, the very first story we have to read? The Hare and the Pineapple. It’s just a very short story you wrote, concerning a talking but immobile pineapple challenging a talking hare to a race. The story tragically ended with the pineapple being devoured. And [as stated by you in the story] a Moral: Pineapples dont have sleeves.

I have to tell you that our entire class was trying not to laugh at the insane, hilarious, and somewhat random story. We did anyway, and recieved a look from our teacher. Who decided that he (even though its against the rules) wanted to read it. He laughed. Our entire school was talking about “that story with the pineapple”. Now after looking at summaries of some of your other works, I am extremely interested…and curious *just* what is inside that author head of yours. Anyway just wanted to say that story had us eighth graders plus a 36 year old teacher giggling and now I’m going to have to check your stuff out at the library tomorrow!

Best wishes,


PS-It kind of seemed like you got bored writing that story…and randomly through on an ending. But that’s what makes it great…so maybe your seemingly lazy ending is actually just your sense of random humor? 😀

Daniel replies:

Hey, guess what? That story is actually called ""The Rabbit and the Eggplant,"" and it occurs in a novel of mine called ""Borgel."" The people who make up those standardized tests, and sell them to school systems for huge sums of money, bought the right to use the snippet from the book, paid me a very small fee, and then went ahead and edited it within an inch of its life. Might be fun to get hold of the novel, find the story, and compare the test version with the original.