March 11, 2007

Post #2176 – 20070311

My 26 year old single daughter thinks I am absolutely crazy to have have just purchased yet another book to read to some future grandchild (my 21 year old son has a steady girlfriend and is apt to be the first to give me said grandchild).

After hearing you and Scott Simon this morning, reading the book, “Mr. Pusskins a love story” by Sam Lloyd, I ran out to my favorite B&N and purchased it, to put alongside “Amber Was Brave, Essie Was Smart” by Vera B Williams, and “Henry Builds a Cabin” by D.B. Johnson, the other two books that caught my fancy many Weekend Editions Saturdays ago.

I told my kids to get busy, after all I would like for the grandkids to be able to write you personally and thank you for inspiring their grandma.


PS Who’d a thought sam lloyd, the creator of this wonderful book and charming pictures, was a lady? And having read her short bio in the book, I now understand why Scott used a British accent for little Emily.

Daniel replies:

There is no actual age limit, up or down, on those books. You don't need a young child as an excuse to like them.