Joe Wesbrook

January 22, 2007

Post #2147 – 20070122

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

Several years ago I came across a (rubber)stamp with what I assume was a “cartoonish” drawing of you. I bought the stamp, because the drawing also resembled me. Now, years later, I’d like to use the image as the logo for Joe The Book Guy, my soon-to-come web site (and sometime down the pike, used bookstore). I’ll be happy to send you a photo so you can indeed see that yes, the image does resemble me, and if there are copyright fees involved, well, if they’re reasonable, I’ll be happy to pay them. I can’t and won’t use the image without your permission, but if you see the resemblance, then I think you’ll agree that the image would be a fitting logo. Thank you. Joe Wesbrook

Daniel replies:

u may use the rubber stamp, and my condolences on the resemblance.