Mark Rowan

January 21, 2007

Post #2144 – 20070121

Wooh boy, Mr. Pinkwater. In the interest of me not looking like a fool, can we stipulate that I spoke out of turn? How about we change it to which authors you have proclaimed “admiration” for, and not love?

The first one I remember, because it happens every December, is that someone will mistake you for Jean Shepherd, and you are very flattered.

From the NPR commentaries, I seem to remember Lafcadio Hearn and Harvey Kurtzman (a publisher, technically, rather than an author, granted) coming in for acclaim.

I also seem to recall you recommending Treasure Island to at least one young reader who demanded more YA books from you.

And of course, I caught the tail-end of your magnificent reading of “The Shooting Of Dan McGrew” on NPR, just by accident.

That’s the list I can remember off the top of my head, but I have time on my hands right now, so I would happily research the issue, to remind you of which authors you have and have not complimented publicly.

(Incidentally, did you know that Art Garfunkel has never read even ONE of your books? has a complete list of every book the man has read since 1968. Between his reading and his walking, I don’t see how he has time to record.)

Mark Rowan, Honorable Vice-President Of Mexico

Daniel replies:

You don't look like a fool to me, at least any more than we all do. Funny you should mention Jean Shepherd and Harvey Kurtzman in the same post--two influential artists who appear to have shared at least one other quality or lack thereof. But I digress from my intention to further avoid getting into a ""favorites list,"" mode. Nothing wrong with it--people love to list and rank artists, athletes, brands of candy bars, breeds of dogs. Can we leave it at: I admire anyone who can put one word after another with intent, and some who do so even more? (I think Art Garfunkel is lying).