January 2, 2007

Post #2130 – 20070102

Enlightened One,

Spider-Man’s unmasked; Superman’s missing; Thor’s a clone. The world of comics has gone higgledy-piggledy, and only one man can sort things out.

Mr. Pinkwater, please write a comic.

We need you.


PS: I have a delicate and dear copy of the Norb collection. If I sent it to you and asked nicely, would you autograph it? I’d even Fed-Ex you some blue-corn dumplings.

Daniel replies:

I'm only guessing, but as marginally brain-alive as most of book publishing is, I have reason to suspect that comic book publishing is more worser. Nobody would let me do it, or make it worth my while. Don't send your collected Norb--it's too crummily bound and fragile, Webmaster Ed will instruct you in how to send me a double return-postage-paid insert or bookplate, which I will sign and forward to Tony Auth, so he can autograph it too.

Go here, Len, and take care of that NORB! -- Ed