Lois Beckett Ursillo

January 1, 2007

Post #2129 – 20070101

Daniel – this year I sent you two messages and I think I did it through NPR’s website. Maybe not. But I was disappointed that you didn’t answer me. I thought I would get an email answer. But yesterday, I searched my own name for the first time ever and found your two replies on your website. SO I APOLOGIZE and thank you. Yes, we both went to Nettlehorst and I do remember the great little store right across from the school with toys, candy, etc.

I also went to the public library on Belmont and walked and walked all over the neighborhood. We walked miles in those days to movies, lunch, etc.

I also went to Lakeview High School but transferred to SENN after one semester where I graduated. I am looking forward to buying your 2007 book and now know that I must go to the website for a hopeful answer. HAPPY NEW YEAR – LOIS

Daniel replies:

Yes! Buy the book! What a good idea! I like the fact that anybody who wants to can read the whole thing online for free--but I want people to buy copies too, because they're made of paper, have illustrations, and can be read during power failures, and while riding in various conveyances. I transferred from Lake View too, after a couple of years. It was a fairly pathetic school.