Ryan Duncan

December 12, 2006

Post #2118 – 20061212

Dear Mr Pinkwater,

Long time no write. I’m now in 6th Grade. I just wanted you to know that your still number 1!!!!!!!!! I just finished “The Artsy Smatsy club”. And I have to say I could put it down. It was so good that I do not think i could read another that book can even come close to how good it was. Well thats all I have to say.


Ryan Duncan

Daniel replies:

Ryan, when I finished writing the Artsy Smartsy Club, I felt that I could not write another book that could even come close to how good it was. This feeling was really strong for about 3 days. Feeling that feeling is the second-best thing about being a writer. Then the feeling began to wear off, and I wondered if maybe I could write something that would be as good, or possibly better. After a while I started writing The Neddiad, (which you can read, a chapter at a time, on this website). Right now, the feeling that I can't write another one as good, (as The Neddiad), has almost worn off, and I am almost to the point of feeling the first-best feeling about being a writer.