Galen Egan

December 10, 2006

Post #2116 – 20061210

Dear Mr. D. Manus Pinkwater/Daniel Pinkwater/Daniel M. Pinkwater,

I am a huge fan of your work, at least, a little. That is what I’m writing about. I love the Snarkout Boys, so if you could write another one of those, that would be awesome. Also, anything like anything in 4 Fantastic Novels would be great, and also, something as good as Alan Mendelson. It might be asking a lot, telling someone to write good books, but it would really make my life better.

The 456,782nd person claiming to be your biggest fan,

G. Charles Egan

Daniel replies:

Did you check out The Neddiad, currently available on this very website? For free!