Linda Coleman

August 29, 2006

Post #2056 – 20060829

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

I’ve recently started Graduate Studies in Library Science, and in one of my lectures we were discussing what influences got us to consider becoming Librarians. I remember driving along Interstate 90, listening to “All Things Considered” to one of your commentaries. You were talking about a Library on the near west side of Cleveland, and how it was the heart of the neighborhood. I was so close, I almost drove to the library, to finish listening. Could you please forward me a copy of the commentary, so that I may share it with my Professor and fellow students? Thank you for your time and all the wonderful times I’ve shared with my son, through your books.

Daniel replies:

Ohhh, I wonder where that piece could be. There are more than 600 of those commentaries, and not being a librarian, or cut out to be one, I am not so organized. Unless it is in the book, Hoboken Fish and Chicago Whistle, we may both be out of luck--but thanks for your very kind words.