Jim Speer

August 27, 2006

Post #2055 – 20060827

Dear Pinkwater.com,

I have found on your website the list of books by Daniel Pinkwater. What would be a mighty helpful addition to this would be to indicate which books are novels and which are picture books. Does this exist anywhere else, and if so, where?

I might add that I have just finished reading The Education of Robert Nifkin, and it was one of my favorite reads in a very long time! My aim is to locate over the web as many of Mr. Pinkwater’s novels as possible, and, like Malcom X., by whatever means necessary.

Sincerely, J. Speer

Daniel replies:

The paperback compilations 5 Novels and 4 Fantastic Novels cover 9 of them, and there are a few more floating around, and of course, The Neddiad, in progress on this very website.