Terry Cookro

August 22, 2006

Post #2048 – 20060822

Thanks Daniel,

I have already done the things you suggested to me about getting into writing children’s books. Kathleen Roedder was a children’s book critic and she suggested those things to me several years ago also a number of years ago. Now that I have more time, I just have to start submitting query letters. I know it is nearly impossible to break into the field.

Kids books are a favorite of mine and Ive been reading a gazillion of them and enjoy that hobby very much.

For some reason I hadn’t realized I should look at your website for your answer. Better way to get the word out to everyone. Thanks for your ideas.

Loved your “cremation of s. mcgee” reading.

Daniel replies:

Of course, doing things that are ""nearly impossible"" can be a lot of fun.