Annie K.

August 11, 2006

Post #2027 – 20060811

Dear DP,

It’s me again! I’m looking forward to buying more of you’re books. Just so you know I started reading your books only because you were on my summer reading list for school. I thought I would hate all of my summer books but I did not. And I’ve read mostly you’re books! It’s amazing about all the mysteries that you can write! I have one question. Is your favorite animal a chicken or is this just a huge idea that all your books would include a chicken? Just because I think that it’s a very good idea to stick to a perfect idea. You inspired me to make my own book. Even though I’m young I think that all of my books are interesting, but not as interesting as you’res!

Much hope with all your writing,

Annie K.

Daniel replies:

You got it! The chicken theme is just something I started--and they keep turning up! Besides, chicken is a funny word. Say ""chicken"" fifteen times fast. Makes you giggle, doesn't it?