Nell Ryan

August 11, 2006

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Dear Mr Pinkwater,

Hi my name is Nell and I am 10 years old. In my year 5 class we are researching ‘International Authors’. I am going to write a biograghy about you and in order to do this ihave a few questions to ask.

1. You went to Africa I know, but why did you like it the most?

2. When did you get Lulu? Why did you get a dog and where?

3. What year did you get Married?

4. When did you finish university?

Thank you for your time. If possible could you send a reply back. I really enjoyed your book ‘Fat Camp commandoes Go West’.

Nell Ryan

Daniel replies:

Hello, Nell --

1. I liked Africa because....because...well, first of all, it was a little like going back to the time when humans were a fairly new animal on earth. I traveled with the migrating herds, saw wild lions and leopards close up--so many beautiful animals. Got to know what it was like in a complete wilderness, how things felt, and smelled. And I was chased by rhinos! Saw elephants! And it just felt good to be there. And natural and comfortable! I loved sleeping in a tent and half-hearing the night sounds all around me.

2. Lulu has been with us for almost 10 years. We have always had dogs--they're among our favorite friends. Lulu came from Baffin Island in arctic Canada.

3. 1969.

4. 1964. They were glad to be rid of me.