heidi cain

June 12, 2006

Post #1981 – 20060612

Hello Mr. Pinkwater,

Cool name, by the way, “Pinkwater” did you make it up? I came across your book, “Fishwhistle” at my library and was intrigued by the title. It was a good idea, making it into shorts like that. It was like reading a magazine with no pictures. Funny, but I thought you were my age, 40ish, all along (that’s because I could relate to your experiences). I was surprised when you said you remember Howdy Doody and lived through that whole era. Your book is a big success and I will link you up to all my sites with your sites and we shall be electronically connected through the cyberspace domain. I hope your wife won’t mind. Sadly, I never read anything of yours before or I might of and not remembered the titles or author-I’m bad like that. I like your clean smooth writing and you have a knack of inviting the reader to read on, kind of like your having a conversation but with very good diction. You must be popular at parties.

-Yours, Heidi

Daniel replies:

No, somebody else made it up. I never get asked to parties, even though I am clean and smooth.