Justine Henning

June 11, 2006

Post #1980 – 20060611

On www.readingpenpals.com, we recommend great books for kids. The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death has been recommended there for some time (by me, founder of the site and a DP fan).

The site’s goal is to encourage kids to read and write more (the writing/pen pal part: they can write back to the folks who recommend the books … and receive a response).

I’ve been adding little windows that open up if you click on a red “L” by authors’ names. In those windows, the authors tell readers what their own favorite books were at some point during their childhoods. Would you write a few sentences about that for RPP?

To see examples of this, please visit www.readingpenpals.com, click onto the BOOKS page, and click any red “L.”

Thanks so much for some of the funniest, most original writing around.

J. Henning

Reading Pen Pals

Daniel replies:

I never had favorite books. I just liked books. I read everything and anything. Or...I had so many favorite books, I can't begin to sort them out now. There are just so many books of so many kinds. It's great, isn't it?