Anonymous Wombat

May 26, 2006

Post #1971 – 20060526

It finally dawned on me to look for an official website. I did not grow up reading your books, but I read as many of them as I could get my hands on immediately afterwards, and have bought every single one I could find ever since. And I’m thrilled that you have started to anthologize the stuff that’s out of print, too — I’ve been looking for Yobgorgle for a long time. (The local library systems are woefully undersupplied with copies.)

I was originally going to ask if you were going to write another Snarkout Boys book, but I see that someone else beat me to it. Several someones. And the most complete answer was that you were working on a sequel to Lizard Music next. Which would be the one thing worth putting off another Snarkout Boys book for, I suppose. So… do you have any hints about when this book might come out? (And are you really going to write another Snarkout Boys book later? Please?)

Daniel replies:

I just finished one called THE NEDDIAD, which I think is much better than LIZARD MUSIC or either of the SNARKOUTs. It will be published by Houghton Mifflin in....what? I don't know...about a year? A little less? I'll be very interested to see what you and other readers think of it. I have talked with the publishers about maybe serializing it here on this website--they were hesitant, saying that if we put it on the web before publication, then nobody will buy a copy. I plan to reason with them more. Ed can forward any comments on this topic to the editor.